Declaime "Holly" (video)

Declaime 'Holly' (video)
Rapper, singer, songwriter and producer Dudley Perkins recently released the latest album under his Declaime moniker, and now Southside Story cut "Holly" has been given the visual treatment.
The track features Perkins' partner and SomeOthaShip label co-founder Georgia Anne Muldrow, and tells the dark story of a female sex worker who is raped and killed by an off-duty inner city cop.
Declaime lets his empathy for the title character shine through, eschewing the typical smooth-talking, "studio gangster" machismo that's prominent in today's mainstream rap music.
Speaking about his role as a male rapper, Declaime issued a statement which reads: "I want to bring a lil' light to a dark occupation. Cats feel like they need to go dark right now 'cause there's a reward for ignorance. They led to believe it's normal, and it's destroying the children."
As for the video itself, it features retro footage of women like Holly working under the bright lights of seedy city streets. Southside Story is available now, and you can watch the video premiere of "Holly" in the player below.