The Decay / Wayfarer Decayfarer

Decayfarer features two of Southern Ontario's most promising punk bands teaming for a hell of a split LP. Kitchener, ON's the Decay follow up last year's flawless This Month's Rent with seven tracks of furious street punk that's juxtaposed against Wayfarer's style of melodic post-punk, reminiscent of Hot Water Music (yes, they're named after the HWM song) and early Taking Back Sunday. It's a case of harmonies verses gang vocals. The emotionally charged pop punk of Wayfarer is a change from the Decay's grittier street punk/melodic hardcore. Together, it's comparable to a choose-your-ending book, where you win either way, but it won't appeal to everyone. The Decay's songwriting has strengthened, channelling the likes of the Lawrence Arms, Bouncing Souls and early Rancid. They showcase some diversity with "Razor Burns," a slower track featuring vocalist Tyler Savage singing overtop a repeating guitar hook. Wayfarer's lyrics ("They saw the devil in our hearts, we watched theirs bend and fall apart") are delivered amidst some of their catchiest hooks to date, specifically in "Daughter of Our Time." Decayfarer finds both bands branching out from their respective sounds without accommodating the other, which although interrupting the consistency of the album, is the point. (Juicebox)