BY Greg PrattPublished Jun 20, 2011

A reissue of Death's 1991 offering, Human, is always, under any circumstances, welcome. And Relapse offering up double- and triple-disc versions of this technical death metal masterwork is most certainly welcome, considering the smashing job they did with the band's The Sound of Perseverance not that long ago. Chuck-heads will get a bang out of hearing the slew of demos on this reissue, but what it really comes down to is the album itself, a swirling, progressive shred-fest that paved the way for what would, three albums later, be Death's swansong, with Sound. The one-two opening punch of "Flattening of Emotions" and "Suicide Machine" is easily one of the best double-hitter openings of a death metal album in '91, and the competition was stiff. "Lack of Comprehension" still stands as a drumming classic, and, over on the bonus end of things, the band's cover of KISS classic "God of Thunder" always was a hoot. Good reissue. Great album.

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