Dear Black Diary Dear Black Diary

Despite the laughable moniker, Southern Ontario has produced its first metal-oriented contender in quite some time. Into the Moat and From a Second Story Window come to mind with Dear Black Diary’s modern and technical take "deathcore” (also paying heed to the mighty Gorguts once or twice) painstakingly referencing such a wide variety of artists it’s hard to put your finger on exactly how their primary influences are incorporated. Their secret lies in their ability to keep the songs flowing, combining technicalities with crushing breakdowns and piercing pterodactyl vocals that are nothing short of ear shattering. The songwriting itself is along the lines of bands like Daughters but catering to the more metal minded of people. They spastically grind and experiment with discord, shredding their guitars to pieces while the drums wax and wane through momentous and creative blasts. There are a couple brief instances of respite comprised of quieter, harmonised melodies, bringing a sense of balance to both the songs and the record. Every instrument is executed with precision and passion, highlighted by the excellent production that brings the entire album to life. Extremely impressive for a debut, Dear Black Diary is definitely worth checking out. (Year of the Sun)