Deafheaven on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies

Deafheaven on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies
Deafheaven closed out a wildly successful 2014 with a stint headlining a leg of the reoccurring Converse Rubber Tracks Live Tour — a series of free shows put on by the canvas shoe giants. It was at their recent tour stop in Toronto that Exclaim! TV met up with vocalist George Clarke, resulting in our latest Aggressive Tendencies segment.

All while stressing over the fact that half his band, who missed their flight, hadn't arrived in Toronto yet, Clarke talked to us about the awful living situation, stress and doubt that fueled the band's critically acclaimed 2013 LP, Sunbather. Following its release, the duo blossomed into a full band and have since released their first and only song with the current lineup.

Clarke also talked about the recent foot in mouth comment he allegedly made (off the record, by the way) that their band was too big for their current label Deathwish Inc., and stated he's not too sure what the future will bring. Lastly, he discussed the band's corporate engagements, justifying their recent song release via Adult Swim and tour with Converse.

Watch the interview below.

Interview by Bradley Zorgdrager
Filmed by Roberto Granados-Ocon
Edited by Katherine Kwan