Deadmau5 Settles Copyright Dispute with Disney

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 22, 2015

EDM star deadmau5 is all about conflict resolution these days. He just settled his short-lived beef with the Toronto theatrical production Deadmouse: The Musical, and now he's cleared up his legal dispute with Disney over his mouse-head logo.

Last September, Disney tried to block deadmau5's attempt to trademark his mouse head in the U.S., claiming that the logo was "nearly identical in appearance, connotation and overall commercial impression" to Mickey Mouse. The masked beatmaker born Joel Zimmerman responded with a cease and desist over the use of his music in a Disney short.

Now, however, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the battle is over. Zimmerman's lawyer said that the two parties "have amicably resolved their dispute." The exact details of the settlement haven't been revealed, but we'll likely know more once papers from the Trademark Office emerge.

Meanwhile, Deadmouse: The Musical is debuting at the Toronto Fringe Festival next month, with seven performances taking place between July 3 and 11 at the Al Green Theatre.

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