deadmau5 Deadmau5 at Play

Deadmau5's new release, featuring the vocal talents of Melleny Melody (aka Melleefresh), is the best example of how Canadian talents are rising on the international front, simple and dirty yet subtle and diplomatic. The track "Hey Baby" has some of the filthiest lyrical epithets, with Melody urging her anonymous suitor to take her to the brink of ecstasy and back. Despite the thick, dirty bass lines and pounding rhythms songs like "Turning Point" create an aesthetic of raw sexuality, but without the tactlessness of smut. Similarly, "Afterhours" achieves an electronic transience and fashion-like glamour, much like a strip bar, but retains some dignity. Melody breathily says things like, "You're so naughty, I'm so nice/Maybe we should do it twice" but the upbeat, anthemic chant makes you forget how dirty the song is. That and the fact that she was the voice of Cheer Bear from hit TV children's show The Care Bears. (Play)