The Deadly Phantoms In The Frequency

This five-song, 11-and-a-half-minute EP from Philadelphia’s the Deadly is a potent mixture of discordant riffs and jagged aggression with a rock-derived bounce and swing that’s palpable in the disc’s scathing grooves. While far too short, the energetic and infectious Phantoms In The Frequency draws upon the deranged genius of the Jesus Lizard and channels Philly noise instigators such as Ink & Dagger, while maintaining a slight Lickgoldensky metallic hostility throughout. The LGS references are no accident (check the opening and closing of "Nevada Audio”) however, since LGS/Turmoil members Jon Hodges and Jamie Getz both play on this disc, with Getz staying with LGS and Hodges making the Deadly’s self-described "danger rock” his raison d’être. Complete with B-movie-inspired horror art and a constant barrage of "baby, baby,” which is up there with "yeah!” on the rock meter, the Deadly’s Phantoms In The Frequency shouldn’t be lost in the airwaves but played incredibly loud. (Hawthorne Street)