Dead Witches The Final Exorcism

Dead Witches The Final Exorcism
Dead Witches couldn't be more doom if they strapped on inverted crosses and started calling themselves "Sons of Sabbath." From the "ex-Electric Wizard" tag in their bio (referring to drummer Mark Greening) to the overwhelming splurge of distortion effects, this could be the one band to doom them all. And with songs like "The Final Exorcism" and "The Church by the Sea," the doompocalypse is surely nigh.
Don't expect 4/20 references or lo-fi indie screeching. Dead Witches sit comfortably in the old school camp, with the stoners who never grew up from listening to Saint Vitus and Pentagram. Frontwoman Soozi Chameleone has the full-throated blues roar that complements this kind of music perfectly.
But the real MVP here is Oliver Irongiant, whose two-brain-cell stage name is excused by his absolutely stellar guitar playing. Listen to the squelch and sway of "Goddess of the Night" and it will feel like listening to Black Sabbath's 'Electric Funeral" for the first time.
Dead Witches don't tip over into overt Tony Iommi worship at any point, but they're definitely skirting the line. In a world where bands like Sleep have dragged doom back to the forefront of metal, now seems to be a time for bold choices. On The Final Exorcism, Dead Witches prove they have the chops. Now all they need is the confidence to really stretch themselves. (Heavy Psych Sounds)