Dead To The World/Kid Gorgeous Dead To The World/Kid Gorgeous

Two Buffalo, NY bands team up with Hamilton's very own Redstar records to release this split CD. Dead To The World kick-off their half with five songs of competent new-school metal hardcore, despite the fact that DTTW play a proficient blend of hardcore, death metal and have a few older-thrash leanings, none of their songs stand out. Kid Gorgeous's half of this split also falls into the same trap of competence without establishing their own identity. Comparisons to early, unrefined Converge are most appropriate, since Kid Gorgeous have yet to discover the serene aspects or new found technicality Converge have been exploring for a couple of years now. While Kid Gorgeous and Dead To The World both do what they do incredibly well, you would think both bands would be better served by expanding their parameters a little. (Redstar)