Dead Shape Figure

The Grand Karoshi

BY Bill WhishPublished Oct 22, 2008

Adding to the already impressive array of metal emerging from Finland are Dead Shape Figure. They are a relatively young band that have apparently worked on building a pedigree via opening slots on European tours prior to what is now their debut full-length, The Grand Karoshi. Now, I can't tell you what the hell a Karoshi is without googling it but I can without a doubt that The Grand Karoshi is an impressive album. The sound from these Finns is akin to that of At The Gates' bastard child the Haunted, who have declined considerably since their early releases. In fact, fans of the Haunted who have grown impatient with the band's recent pedestrian releases will undoubtedly find great pleasure in Dead Shape Figure. A blistering pace is maintained throughout the entire album and that aggression pours forth with tip-top production and songwriting.
(Season of Mist)

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