Dead Quiet Spice Up Their Stoner Metal with Swagger on 'Truth and Ruin'

BY Mark TremblayPublished Sep 11, 2020

Dead Quiet have been honing their signature brand of stoner metal over the last six years. With Truth and Ruin, the band have taken their collective experience and put together a catchy and anthemic stoner metal record that opens the band up to a wider audience than ever before.

Truthfully, this record is meant to be heard in a live setting. The vocal harmonies on "Forever Unsung" and "Sound and Fury" would be best experienced in a large amphitheater with the audience belting out the lyrics. Even on songs with dark subject matter, like title cut "Truth and Ruin," memorable choruses reign supreme.

The instrumentation on Truth and Ruin is full of groove and swing. With everything from the drum patterns on "Atoned Deaf" and "Partial Darkness" to the guitar rhythms on "Forever Unsung," Dead Quiet have traded in headbanging for more of a dance feel. Even the guitar solos on "Truth and Ruin" are more akin to '70s rock swagger.

Dead Quiet's Truth and Ruin will not be for those staunchly rooted in heavy music stereotypes. This record perfectly balances its dark subject manner with the levity in its instrumentation, and yet still packs enough riffs to tied over fans of older material. Truth and Ruin won't be fully appreciated until we can hear it material in a live setting.

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