Daytrader Last Days of Rome

Daytrader certainly didn't make it easy on themselves in avoiding high expectations. Made up of ex-members of Crime in Stereo, Latterman, Bridge and Tunnel, Monikers and more, the band are nothing less than a post-punk super-group. When the group announced their existence in late 2010, they wasted no time building hype, releasing their demo for free and following it up in the new year with Last Days of Rome. Running only five-songs deep, this EP is an emo-tinged post-punk tour de force. Leadoff song "Kill My Compass" is a forceful opener and one of the album's most aggressive tracks, sounding much like a Hot Rod Circuit chorus. Other songs, such as "Living," borrow more from Get Up Kids Something to Write Home About- and Saves the Day Through Being Cool-era emo-centred pop punk. Adding to all this is the collective experience of the members from their previous projects. The sum of this makes for a stunningly strong debut effort. (Run For Cover)