Days Away Ear Candy For The Headphones Trippers

Liberated from their commitments to Fueled By Ramen in late 2006, it looked like Days Away would be free to pursue their increasingly intellectual pop-driven rock illuminations without regard for commercial pressures or Wentz-ian promo appearances. Instead, the band dissolved last year, leaving this single-pressing EP of varied leftovers as their epitaph. Fortunately, it does the many elements of Days Away justice, showcasing Keith Goodwin’s warm, welcoming tones and sun-dried bedroom poetry against his band mates’ strolling musical movements and pensive strum-alongs. "Wish” is a buoyant, thinking man’s pop rocker, while "Talk It Over” balances ’80s AM radio rock with post-emo pensiveness. The disc also features two versions of the quietly compelling, and entirely contagious, acoustic number "I’m Sorry I Told You All My Problems,” which are well worth a download. Goodwin and drummer Tim Arnold will debut Castles, their newest project, later this year. For now, Ear Candy For The Headphone Trippers is a beautiful, if bittersweet, siren song for an unappreciated band gone too soon. (Independent)