A Day and A Deathwish A Day and A Deathwish

Welland's favourite youth crew revival, A Day and A Deathwish, have been playing Southern Ontario for a mere two years, making a name for themselves attracting audiences from all walks of hardcore life. Bringing the mosh with a positive attitude in a scene where angst reigns supreme is only one of the brighter sides of this band. Fitting somewhere in between Sick of It All and Comeback Kid, the guitar work is never overly complicated and the beats are steadfast. There is no shortage of gang vocals or up-tempo rock, encompassing the hectic spirit of Swedish punk like Raised Fist or Satanic Surfers. While floor-punching mosh tends to tire, ADAAD conjure more than their share of tricks to keep it interesting. The artwork is slightly amateur but this just highlights a good old-fashioned DIY approach. It’s really encouraging that posi hardcore hasn't died in the waves of tortured garbage that has been pounding the shores of rock for years. Any label lucky enough to get their hands on these guys will not be disappointed. (Independent)