David Kristian My Three Suns

An interesting blending of old school-style techno, circa 1990, featuring abstract electronic breaks tempered with an overall lo-fi aesthetic. But when I say lo-fi, I mean on par with Aphex Twin's Ambient Works Volume 1, where the sounds are recorded low, tempered with a raw feel and a tendency to embrace sound accidents, and then running with them. Overall, there are 13 well-wrought tracks on this recording, but "Short Sunderland" and "Peachcombe" are my favourites. Both tracks are very catchy and infused with a joyful dance rhythm and playful imaginativeness that occurred more often when electronic dance music was relatively new. Listening to a David Kristian recording, one never knows what to fully expect, since he does not stick to one particular style, rather, he dabbles. But his danceable tracks, for me at least, seem to be the most appealing. (Pie Head)