David Crosby Shares Sex Tips in Bizarre Advice Column

Hear the artist's steamy takes on dating and sex in Rolling Stone's latest instalment of "Ask Croz"
David Crosby Shares Sex Tips in Bizarre Advice Column
Photo: Rolling Stone
Phoebe Bridgers' archnemesis and 79-year-old music legend David Crosby is dipping into a well of questions submitted by fans seeking advice on the topics of marriage, dating and drugs — and some of his recommendations are more than a little riské.

Tuning in with Rolling Stone for a new instalment of his video advice column "Ask Croz," the artist began: "Once again, I forge out into the wilderness of questions and try to come up with some kind of answer. It's difficult. I'm old. I'm stoned. It's hard to stay concentrated, but I'll give it my best shot."

Launching into questions about trophy hunters, his own longevity and more, Crosby responded to a fan who asked why their wife doesn't want to have sex with them anymore.

"You dummy," he says. "Learn how to do it better! She'll want to do it more. Do you know where the fun button is? Follow the legs. They lead right to it. I think your wife is trying to tell you that you need to get better at making love. You may want to consider that possible option."

"Do you give her head? It's a fair question. If you don't, she should divorce you," he laughed.

Afterwards, the language treaded into slightly more vulgar territory, but Crosby concluded with pretty sound advice: "Girls like sex. You just have to be good at it."

Additionally, the rocker responded to a fan asking what advice he would give himself 50 years ago.

"I know what I would say to myself," Crosby continues. "Don't do hard drugs. I wasted time. Time is the final currency. Not money. Not power. I wasted probably 10 years, more, just on being stoned. And not happy stoned like a pothead. Desperate stoned like a junkie. It was enormously hard to feel that bad about myself for that long. It's an enormous relief to feel good about myself now."

Watch the segment below.