Dave Navarro To Direct Porn

BY Cam LindsayPublished Aug 29, 2007

One-time guitar great and former Jane's Addiction member Dave Navarro has decided to put music on hold to direct a porn flick titled Broken.

Navarro will make the film for Teravision, the studio owned by famous porn actress Tera Patrick and her husband Evan Seinfeld. About his move into the adult entertainment industry, Navarro said:

"I have known Evan and Tera for years and have many friends in the adult entertainment industry, so I figured... What a great opportunity to work on a feature length project with people I already know.

”I have missed the sense of danger and edge in the music business for many years and working on this project reminded me a lot of the old days when we were just a bunch of kids in Hollywood playing the clubs, getting our hands dirty and raising some eyebrows along the way."

Scheduled for a September release, Broken stars Sasha Grey (In Through The Backdoor, Gang Bang My Face and Cum Fart Cocktails #5) as "a woman torn apart by the duality of control and powerlessness in her life." Of course.

Most recently, Navarro began an internet-only show called Spread Entertainment, and over the last few years has played co-host on Rock Star, and formed the ill-advised Jane's leftover act, the Panic Channel.

Considering the man hasn't done anything notable since Ritual de lo Habitual, methinks porn could actually be a smart move. Hey, at least he isn't back on the spike...

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