Dave Lombardo Says All His Slayer-Era Drum Kits Have Been Stolen

He explained that two of his storage units were robbed over the years

Image via Dave Lombardo on Facebook

BY Josiah HughesPublished Mar 2, 2021

Legendary metal drummer Dave Lombardo has had the kind of career that will warrant multiple retrospectives in the future. Unfortunately, some key pieces — including the drum kits he used on multiple Slayer albums and tours — have been stolen.
Lombardo recently sat down with the wonderfully titled Hangin' and Bangin' podcast to discuss his life and career. When asked how many drum kits he has in his personal collection, Lombardo explained, "Unfortunately... I don't have many."

While it wasn't a recent disappearance, Lombardo explained that most of his Slayer-era kits have been stolen over the years.

"Two storage units, at two different times in periods of my life, were broken into," he said. "So, I think, probably five-six drum kits out of the first storage unit were stolen. It was cleaned out — everything, road cases... And Slayer's rehearsal room that we were at in Riverside was broken into; everything was stolen, all my classic drum sets."

It won't quite be the same, but Lombardo said he has been trying to rebuild his collection over the years.

"I'm slowly building everything up again and trying to piece together some of my old classic kits, from kits that I see online that are similar," he said.

Watch Lombardo appear on the podcast below.

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