Dave Grohl Honoured with 900-Pound Drumsticks by Ohio Hometown

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 3, 2012

Warren, OH is a relatively small city with a population of just over 40,000, but it has made at least one significant contribution to rock history: it's the hometown of legendary Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Soon, the city will be honouring Grohl with a larger-than-life tribute.

The Youngstown News [via Rolling Stone] reports that, on Saturday (July 7), the city will unveil two 900-pound drumsticks made out of poplar logs. They will be revealed during a concert at the downtown Warren Amphitheater, where country fiddle player Chris Higbee will headline the show.

These are believed to be the largest drumsticks in the world, meaning that this could be yet another Guinness World Records attempt from the rock world. They will remain at the amphitheatre until September, when they will be moved to the city's Dave Grohl Alley. The sticks are apparently engraved with feathers to resemble Grohl's tattoos.

Check out the sticks in their early stages in the video below.

Grohl only lived in Warren for a few years before moving to Virginia, and later achieving fame in Seattle. Certainly, the new drumsticks ought to give Grohl a good reason to visit his birthplace, although there's no word as to whether he will be at the unveiling ceremony. He did, however, show up for the naming of Dave Grohl Alley in 2009.

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