Darude Rush

Darude’s second album is much like his first. The big trance tunes are there, and he seems to have matured a bit as a producer. After his huge debut with Sandstorm in 1999, he launched a trend of anthemic trance with buzzing synths and tough beats. This album follows that pattern, especially in tracks like the single "Music” and "Serendipity.” Others, such as "Rush” and "Healing” are good tough trance that would certainly get a dance floor going. "Drive” and "Passing By” echo Sandstorm’s acidic buzzes, and bizarrely, are placed against each other on the album. Not every track is a big anthem; there are more beat-driven tracks like "Obsession” that work a groove. Mercifully, breathy female vocals are kept to a minimum. Many will decry Darude and the entire trance scene as cheese, but as cheese goes, this is a good, strong cheddar. (16 Inch)