The Darkness Rumoured To Be Reuniting

The Darkness Rumoured To Be Reuniting
According to a recent NME report, rumours are flying around that British cock rock revivalists the Darkness are considering a possible reunion, including a new album and tour, for 2009.

The NME points to an article in British tabloid The Sun, which suggests that the band were offered "a small fortune" to get back on the road, including a possible stint at this year's Dubai Desert Rocks festival.

Of course, the band will have some making up to do if they're going to work it out. The Darkness fell apart when former singer Justin Hawkins spiraled out of control with drug and alcohol abuse, which really peeved his brother, guitarist Dan Hawkins, who is now, along with drummer Ed Graham, suing the flamboyant singer for missing money.

However, considering Justin Hawkins is currently launching his new band, the Rock Band-sponsored Hot Leg, who release their debut album Red Light Fever on February 9, the chances of a full-on reunion seems unlikely.

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