The Dardanelles Beer Garden, Yellowknife NWT, July 20

The Dardanelles Beer Garden, Yellowknife NWT, July 20
Photo: Randi Beers
Fun fact: the Maritimes are extremely popular in the Northwest Territories. So when St. John's, Newfoundland natives the Dardenelles took the stage Sunday afternoon, a lot of people were on hand to kick up sand.

The band self-describes as the "keepers of traditional songs" and it's fair to say they do the songs they keep justice. They filled the beer garden and their set with the sounds of accordion, fiddles and guitar and a happy energy.

The music they played Sunday was so Irish, the performance so filled with sea shanties, it almost seemed out of place outside a pub. And the music was enjoyable enough, but after a time one sea shanty starts blurring into another (no offense to sea shanties).

After Folk on the Rocks, the Dardanelles are heading back to their homeland to play the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival, where they will surely get a warm reception.