Danzig Details 'Skeletons' Covers Album

Danzig Details 'Skeletons' Covers Album
We already knew that Danzig would be releasing a covers record called Skeletons, and having teased what songs might be on it, the former Misfits ghoul and his eponymous band have shared the full details.

Skeletons will be out on November 27 through Evilive Records/Nuclear Blast Entertainment. It includes 10 tracks, and nearly all of them were indeed included in the previously hinted-at list of songs that were slated to appear on the record, which we now know is indeed a full-length album and not simply an EP. This includes material by Elvis, Black Sabbath, the Everly Brothers, Aerosmith, the Troggs and more. See the tracklist below.

The album is called Skeletons because these songs make up the foundation of Danzig's musical body of work. "These are my skeletons," he said in a statement. "You may or may not know that I dig these songs. You could say that some of this music is the actual basis and skeleton of what I listened to growing up — ultimately informing the kind of music I like. It's the foundation. If you took Elvis and Sabbath out of my life, I probably wouldn't be the Glenn Danzig you know! I'm glad both sides are represented on this record."

At the bottom of the page, watch a short trailer video from Nuclear Blast about this album. Skeletons is expected to be followed by a collection of new, original material.


1. Devil's Angels (from Devil's Angels soundtrack)
2. Satan (from Satan's Sadists soundtrack) 
3. Let Yourself Go (Elvis Presley)
4. N.I.B. (Black Sabbath)
5. Lord of Your Thighs (Aerosmith)
6. Action Woman (The Litter)
7. Rough Boy (ZZ Top)
8. With a Girl Like You (The Troggs)
9. Find Somebody (The Young Rascals)
10. Crying in the Rain (The Everly Brothers)