Danton Eeprom Yes Is More

French producer Danton Eeprom (aka Julien Brambilla) releases his first full-length album, Yes Is More, on InFiné Music. Danton Eeprom has explored numerous styles of music throughout the years, starting off touring in a rock band to working in a studio as a sound engineer. The Berlin electro scene can be credited for being the first to recognize and embrace Danton Eeprom's rock-infused electronic performances. Honing his skills, he began producing minimal techno, gaining him international recognition from some of the finest DJs, like Carl Craig, Mathew Jonson and Chloé. On Yes Is More, he co-writes with acclaimed French techno talent Chloé on hauntingly steamy vocal track "The Feminine Man." On "Lost In Music," he pairs with Au Revoire Simone's Erika Forster to create an infectious cover of Sister Sledge's disco anthem. With "Vivid Love," Eeprom offers a touching slow jam, but then magically balances it out with his known rocking techno number "Confessions Of An English Opium Eater." Regardless of what genre Danton Eeprom delivers, he manages to produce a whirlwind of styles with conviction and panache. (InFiné)