Danny Angel & Bo Galigher Mind Reader

The combination of Bo Galigher and Danny 'Angel' George might seem an unlikely one until the music takes hold, but in an instant, it's a marriage made in heaven. The two appear to come from different sides of the tracks, blues-wise. The 48-year old Galigher sings with a deep, rich voice packed with a sweet emotion that's remarkably reminiscent of B.B. King. His chameleon-like vocal styling also borrows from Bobby Bland and Brook Benton, but King is the ultimate reference. Danny “Angel” George offsets the more formal-sounding Galigher with a broad range of crisp, flawless guitar flavours recalling the likes of Albert and Freddy King and hinting, at times, at the more aggressive, incendiary power of Joe Kubek. As a finished product, Vent has pulled a major coup with this superbly-produced collection of all-original songs, penned by both Galigher and George, and George's producer/brother Ed. By far, the quintessential track is the feel-good classic "Born To Sing The Blues" in which the band loosens up considerably and has fun with, and for, itself. There could be a lesson here, as the full-bodied arrangements sometimes seem to constrain the more natural blues chemistry that's dying to get out. It showcases the best of both artists in the context of a powerful, well-produced band. This tiny, Alabama-based label has much to be proud of with this tasteful, home-grown effort. (Vent)