Daniel Menche Jugularis

The polarised concepts of restraint and extremity become all too relative when describing shifty-sand artists like Menche. Definitely more nuanced and temperate than earlier works like The Face of Vehemence or Beautiful Blood, this new work still demands attention and asks with full force. Essentially one long piece divided into three movements; a phased percussive thrust that begins with a eerily calm menace of sparse resonant instruments and objects. The hour-long evolution of the work conjures a narrative reminiscent of 1966 shlocky sci-fi movie Fantastic Voyage. You’re an explorer shrunk to near-microscopic proportions and injected into the bloodstream of a human being. The trip you take brings you ever closer to the beating heart, suddenly a violent force given your relative size. But, unlike the movie’s plot, Menche’s fantastic voyage takes a new twist: turns out this person you’re inside is also outfitted with gears, microprocessors and dot matrix printers! Yes (gasp) an android!! Or a robot, or synthetic person, or whatever. Like any good pot-boiler the story grabs and holds you with the anticipation or new revelations around every next corner, and unlike the pulpy formula the outcome is never a letdown. Even without Raquel Welch as co-pilot. (Important)