Dani Siciliano Slappers

It is worth mentioning that although Matthew Herbert’s production and influence are present on his favourite singer Dani Siciliano’s second album, it is by no means a continuation of his work. Certainly he can be credited with some of the instrumentals but the focus is clearly on the vocals by which he has been equally inspired over their years of collaboration. Siciliano’s second artist album following 2004’s critically successful Likes… draws on many styles but maintains an electronic sound with a collection of synthesised instruments and samples galore. Indeed, her use of timbres is as expert as Herbert’s (though not quite as abstract) with "Be My Producer” crafted solely by Siciliano from just her vocals, beats and all. "Why Can’t I Make You High” is a little awkward with its bluegrass roots but just manages to hold together and Dani explores her vocal repertoire, from a seductive whisper on "They Can Wait” to the mournful lament of "Frozen.” The music peaks when production is understated and although generally minimalist there are times when layering becomes too involved such as "Too Young.” The simplicity of tracks like "Repeats” are the most successful on an album that leads one to believe that there will be more from Dani Siciliano in the future. (!K7)