Danger Mouse Shares Unreleased "Every Little Thing" Demo from the Rapture

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Mar 31, 2016

Last year, Danger Mouse started up his own 30th Century Records imprint, but now the producer is taking a look back to an earlier time in his illustrious career. To mark the tenth anniversary working on the Rapture's 2006 record Pieces of the People We Love, he's shared a previously unreleased demo recording.
The track in question goes by the name "Every Little Thing," and its infectious, slinky groove gradually builds into moments of glitched-out ecstasy underneath the signature sound of Luke Jenner's emotive vocals.
The Rapture disbanded back in 2014, but you can relive happier times by giving their demo version of "Every Little Thing" a spin in the player below.

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