Dandi Wind "Umbillical Noose"

Dandi Wind 'Umbillical Noose'
Vancouver's Dandi Wind was conceived in a tent and raised in a cabin without running water beside a taxidermy museum built in a concrete igloo. When she grew up, she met collaborator Szam Findlay, and together they founded an experimental theatre group and took their love of theatre and art to create an extravagant stage performance to back her equally colourful music. Taken from her new Bait the Traps EP, "Umbillical Noose" is an electro-fied slice of tribal dance accentuated by Eastern-tinged synths and Wind's beautifully exotic vocals that bring both Siouxsie Sioux and the Slits' Ari Up to mind. A full-length album, Concrete Igloo, is expected to drop in early 2005. (www.dandiwind.com)