Dancing With Paris Dancing With Paris

Melodic hardcore has become a dirty word (or rather, two) thanks to all the crap that's been peddled under that term in the last few years. Toronto, ON boys Dancing With Paris are, thankfully, more Every Time I Die than Trivium, and standout demo track "There's No Mercy In War" evokes memories of a "Kenai"-era 36 Crazyfists, with Daryl Palumbo screaming away at the forefront. It's the hilariously titled "Hardcore Like Bruce Willis," though, that exhibits the sound that could get them somewhere. Commercial enough to be picked up by a decent label and memorable enough to become a firm fan favourite, it focuses on the vocals more than songs like "Witch Hunt" and shows the path these guys should follow if they want to find that elusive record deal and reclaim their genre in the name of good music. (Independent)