Dan Mangan Cohort the Crackling Lines Up Wide Release for Debut Album

Dan Mangan Cohort the Crackling Lines Up Wide Release for Debut Album
If you're a fan of Vancouver folk music, there's a pretty good chance that you have already heard Kenton Loewen play, since he's lent his drumming talents to the likes of Dan Mangan and Mother Mother, among others. Now, File Under: Music is getting set to release Loewen's first album with his own singer-songwriter project, the Crackling. Entitled Keep Full Ambitious, the disc will drop on April 5.

As you might expect from the Mangan connection, a press release describes the Crackling's folksy sound as "natural" and "intimate." For a taste of Loewen's stripped-down style, download the single "The Three of You" for free right here. It's a mellow folk track that features some purring organ and ends with a surprisingly biting guitar solo.

The Crackling previously opened for Mangan on his cross-Canada tour. The album title, Keep Full Ambitious, comes from a phrase said by Loewen's grandfather, a Russian immigrant. As for the band name, his press release has this to say: "From gentle taps of smoking wood, to violent sparks of exploding pine cones and falling branches, the sounds evoked from the idea of crackling set the tone of the album."

The disc originally received a low-key release last year. With the label now on board, we can expect the Crackling to be getting a lot more attention in the coming months.

Keep Full Ambitious:

1. "The Three of You"
2. "A Joke"
3. "Geppetto"
4. "A Field Completely Black"
5. "Of Deceit"
6. "First Drop"
7. "I Am Your Rogue (Ode to the Woman)"
8. "The Cabin"
9. "The Family"
10. "Reticence"
11. "China Shop"