Damn 13 The Dynamite Gospel

Damn 13 are a group containing former Monster Voodoo Machine members Adam Sewell and Dean Bentley. This four-song EP is divided into two separate sections, with the first, "PT. 1 Transmissions From The Forbidden Zone," being a little more on the industrial side of the metal/hard rock spectrum. The leadoff track, "Destroy A Go Go," sounds like it could be an outtake from a White Zombie album, as does "Ghost Town" with its heavily effect-processed vocals. The second section of disc, "Transmissions From The Planet Of The Damned," is a little different, with a more rock and roll feel. The band sounds a little like the Hellacopters, especially on the song "Righteous Dynamite." The final track, "Over and Out," continues in a more blues-based style and features some nifty slide guitar work. The production here is top notch and the sound is super heavy, and the combination of tunes here makes for a good taste of what these guys are all about. (Sweet Tooth)