Damiera M(us)ic

Damiera create a mix of At the Drive-In and the Fall Of Troy, with their progressive tones and technically scattered riffs and vocals reminiscent of Emery and Jason Gleason (formerly of Further Seems Forever) in a fistfight. The vocals have the intonation of Emery and the tone of Jason Gleason but are delivered in a way that feels slightly more frantic and sincere. With layered guitars and a bass line that jumps deftly around, and tight, precisely hit drums, the result is a sound that’s complex but not overwhelming or messy. Produced by Jayson DeZuzio, who has also taken on Coheed & Cambria and My Chemical Romance, the band are left to explore and portray their sound in a refined and tight form that shows off their skill. These four boys from Buffalo, NY (and one from New Orleans) definitely fit in well on the Equal Vision roster and are worth checking out. (Equal Vision)