Damien Jurado Returns with 'What's New, Tomboy?'

Hear the album's "Birds Tricked into the Trees"

BY Josiah HughesPublished Mar 2, 2020

Prolific singer-songwriter Damien Jurado is about to release his third full-length album in three years. He released The Horizon Just Laughed in 2018, then followed it with In the Shape of a Storm in 2019. Now, he's set to drop a threepeat with his new album What's New, Tomboy?

The record marks Jurado's 19th full-length released under his own name and his second for Mama Bird Recording Co. The album is set to arrive on May 1.

"I got rid of almost everything I owned. It was almost like I had died, honestly. You know that feeling when someone dies and you have to clear out their apartment or their house? That's what I did. It was as if I had died, even though I was still living. I donated five of my guitars to a thrift shop," Jurado explained in a press release.

That mentality also apparently contributed to the album itself.

"I left out certain instruments on purpose so you're making space for the listener to fill in their own melodies and parts," he added.

Until the record arrives in full, you can listen to album opener "Birds Tricked into the Trees" below. Jurado recently completed a tour with comedian Nick Thune. You can read Exclaim!'s review of that show.

What's New, Tomboy?

1. Birds Tricked Into The Trees
2. Ochoa
3. Alice Hyatt
4. Arthur Aware
5. Francine
6. Fool Maria
7. When You Were Few
8. Sandra
9. The End Of The Road
10. Frankie

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