Dame Nature The Rock House, St. John's NL, May 6

Dame Nature The Rock House, St. John's NL, May 6
Photo: Noah Bender
Lawnya Vawnya is notable for opening its programming up to many up-and-coming local acts and virtually all of them consist of some aces. Dame Nature, who started playing together in high school, are no exception. The co-ed pop sextet fall within a St. John's tradition of sophisticated, sunny pop with clouds drifting in over the horizon.
We're post-Arcade Fire enough now that young musicians are clearly still exhibiting some of that band's Funeral-era angst-y furor, yet they're often able to make something new for themselves from the basic ingredients. Trace amounts of AF appear in Dame Nature's more anthemic stuff, but they're cleaner and rooted in a lot more joy.
As they gear up for the May 20 release of their self-titled debut, Dame Nature's propulsive indie-pop should earn them a lot of attention. They're so young but remarkably poised and infectious enough that a national audience will eat them up.