Face the Colossus

BY Bill WhishPublished Nov 19, 2008

The sound on display from this French outfit's third release is one that should be fresh to veterans of the melodic death metal genre. What you get is a base of melodic death but with some almost industrial-sounding elements that combine to create a powerful aggression that can be best equated to a Strapping Young Lad-esque wall of noise. That sound comes through with stunning clarity, as producer Tue Madsen (the Haunted, Aborted, etc.) has allowed the band to deliver their impressive level of intensity without having it drowned in the mix. The quality of the songwriting is notable as well. Frequent chugging riffs and a hoarse vocal delivery in the heavy parts will make some listeners think of Darkane. Although the heavy parts are top notch, there are a couple softer passages from run-on songs and forgettable cleaner vocals that fall a little flat. Luckily they aren't too prevalent throughout the whole album and the end result is something that should definitely catch the ear of any metal fan looking for something inventive.
(Season of Mist)

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