Daft Punk Sales Jump 2,650% Following Split

Digital sales of 'Discovery' went up by 8,000%
Daft Punk Sales Jump 2,650% Following Split
Daft Punk announced they were calling it quits after almost three decades earlier this week, and since then, their catalogue has been getting an immense amount of attention through streams and sales.

As Rolling Stone reports, the group saw a 2,650 percent jump in digital album sales this week, with their 2001 album Discovery earning an 8,000 percent increase in sales and 1.5 million streams. Their 1997 album Homework shot up 714 percent in streams, with 2013's Random Access Memories following narrowly behind with a 600 percent increase.

Song sales were also up 1,335 percent from last week, while individual streams skyrocketed. Predictably, Daft Punk's "Harder Better Faster Stronger" was among their most-streamed songs, with "Instant Crush," "Around the World," "One More Time" and "Get Lucky" also leading in their top streams.

Formed in 1993, Daft Punk released four albums throughout their career, beginning with Homework and concluding with Random Access Memories. The duo also completed the soundtrack for 2010's Tron: Legacy, as well as released a pair of live albums.

To announce their split, the French electronic duo shared a video entitled "Epilogue" on Monday (February 22). The eight-minute clip, pulled from their 2006 movie Electroma, sees the duo blow themselves up.