D-Sisive "Wilted"

D-Sisive 'Wilted'
Canadian hip-hop staple D-Sisive is back with a new track called "Wilted," in which he pays homage to some recently passed Hollywood legends.
Along with a couple of tribute T-shirts, the rapper is dedicating the new tune to late film stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and James Gandolfini.
As a preface to the song, D-Sisive shared a story that a friend told him over the phone:
I'm at this restaurant on King and John with a few buddies. We're waiting to be seated. I'm looking around the restaurant and I notice him. He was sitting alone. Seemed like a large table. Maybe he was early. Who knows? I felt like I had to say something. Walked up to his table and stood there until he looked up. It felt like a long time. I didn't want to tap his shoulder and invade his privacy. He eventually looked up. He said "Hi."
Who says "Hi"? I asked him, "Are you Philip Seymour Hoffman?'" He nodded his head and said. "Yeah." I said, "You were awesome in Boogie Nights." Still nodding, he said, "Thanks." I reached into my pockets to see if I had anything for him to sign. A few seconds went by. By the time I pulled a piece of paper from my pocket, the dude had his menu wide open, completely covering his face like a mask. A fucking menu mask. He pretty much told me to "Fuck off!" I walked away. What a fucking dick!
The anecdote doesn't change the way D-Sisive feels about the actor, though.

"I think about that story often," he said. "I also think about that being the closest I'll come to meeting one of my heroes. I suppose it's better hearing about the menu mask than being the reason for it. Makes me love him more."
Listen to "Wilted" below.