D-Sisive "Land of the Ugly" (video)

D-Sisive 'Land of the Ugly' (video)
Despite facing some delays, D-Sisive's new The Great Mr. Nobody mixtape is reportedly set to arrive sometime in the next couple of weeks. To keep the faithful captivated in the meantime, the Toronto rapper is feeding us the anti-body shaming new single, "Land of the Ugly."

From the bowels of a basement, D delivers a see-saw narrative that notes how "the chubby, fat and the husky" are envied by the hungry, but "laughed at by the handsome and lovely." The body type discussion, scored by a lean electric piano line and malleted cymbals, props up a few pop culture names like ("The Lena Dunhams and Pugsleys, Costanzas and Bundys,") but further notes most of the Land of the Ugly's kings and queens turn out to be "the extras, the last picked."

You can analyze his lament even further via the video and the SoundCloud player down below. The song should also appear on the forthcoming The Great Mr. Nobody.

As recently reported, D-Sisive and Mike Boyd will also be out on tour together later this fall. The tour dates can be seen here.