D-Ray / Various Heads Connect Presents D-Ray's Supertoke 3

D-Ray's Supertoke 3 is a mixtape that champions itself on two major fronts: its homegrown production and its "everyman lyrics." If one were unaware that this is a strictly Canadian production, it wouldn't take long to find out. There are some Canadian references that you're not likely to hear on many albums, which include mention of former Blue Jays reliever Tom Henke, both Dartmouth and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and of course, Tim Hortons. The album features a wide array of Toronto-based and national MCs, who for the most part flow quite well over D-Ray's imaginative production, which includes samples that are immediately recognizable and some that are more obscure, the latter being the most intriguing. However, there are a couple of artists that could have been omitted, at least this time around, as they would have been better served taking some time to hone their craft and then trying out for Supertoke 4. (Heads Connect)