Cut Worms Explores Self-Reflection Through Country Nostalgia on 'Nobody Lives Here Anymore'

BY Sarah MorrisonPublished Oct 7, 2020

Nobody Lives Here Anymore fights back against the sad reality of the 21st century and the trend of consumer culture. With a society that lives in a bubble filled with dreams and false realities, it seems we've forgotten what the world can allow us to experience when we live with each other in the moment. Max Clarke, otherwise known as Cut Worms, explores this narrative into deep measures and graces us with an extraordinary double LP release.

At first glance, a release so lengthy may seem intimidating, but Clarke has managed to find a way to enrapture the listener from start to finish. The record possesses winsome nostalgia explored through timbre; seamless transportation to a moment in time when the chaos of life was null and enriched by a sense of pure bliss. Clarke's penchant for country and western psychedelia is imbued in every song through incorporating pedal steel guitar, saxophone, and honky-tonk piano.

The album's poetic narrative is conveyed through clever delicate imagery. Clarke's approach sparks a light within your sub-conscience, allowing your mind to open up to exploring conviction in everyday consumption patterns. There's something to be said for simplicity that evokes such a powerful message; awakening you to the faults of human nature. Listening to Clarke decipher through these thoughts with a slight pull rather than push may lead a listener into realization.

From start to finish, Nobody Lives Here Anymore is a seamless expression of nostalgia, love and hope for brighter days to come.

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