Curtis Harvey Box Of Stones

Fans of Harvey's prior work with Rex, and his short-lived post-rock super-group Pullman ― comprised of former Codeine and Tortoise members ― will certainly be eager to embrace this long-gestating solo debut. Harvey's transition into an acoustic troubadour seems natural, based on how his career has unfolded thus far. Box Of Stones is unassuming at its core though, essentially a home recording with Harvey accentuating his intricate guitar figures with touches of banjo and kitchen sink percussion. Americana fans that don't know of him should appreciate Harvey's songwriting, which on the whole is accessible and surprisingly jaunty, considering his limited vocal range. "Across The Sea" offers a lot of Will Oldham-like raw emotion, while "Seen" is built upon a simple, but effective, sing-along chorus. While Box Of Stones never fully transcends, it's a nice introduction to Harvey's obviously unlimited potential as a singer-songwriter. (Fat Cat)