Cursed Arrows Perform "The Madness of Crowds"

Cursed Arrows Perform 'The Madness of Crowds'
Usually grunge-y Halifax-based duo Cursed Arrows recently stopped by the Exclaim! office to show off a different side of their rock'n'roll persona. Married couple Ry N and Jack E ran through a couple of tracks for their Exclaim! TV session and you can watch the first one now in the player above.

The twosome performed "The Madness of Crowds" from their 2011 album of the same name, which was released in spring 2011. Featuring just an acoustic guitar and the pair's vocals, this performance definitely gives off a different vibe than Cursed Arrows' usual gritty rock'n'roll.

Watch "The Madness of Crowds" above and stay tuned to Exclaim! TV for another video from Cursed Arrows later this week.
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