Curse of the Golden Vampire Mass Destruction

When I finally got around to listening to the new Curse of the Golden Vampire album, I had to check my CD player to make sure I had the right disc in it. For those unfamiliar, Curse is a side-project of Techno Animal and shares nothing in common with that project much in the same way TA was nothing like its founders’ previous bands (Godflesh and God). The last Curse album, released in 1998 on Alec Empire's Digital Hardcore label, featured Mr. Empire himself along with current members Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin and was a dark electro-dub album. Mass Destruction finds the duo mixing hard grindcore with techno and jungle beats and is one of the most extreme things I have ever heard outside of the experimental noise scene. It sounds like a jungle DJ remixing Napalm Death and Crass together with noise loops over top and is both unnerving and breathtaking at the same time. Funny this isn't on Digital Hardcore, as it would have fit there better than their debut did. (Ipecac)