Curren$y Talks Weed Philosophy, Delivers Covert Coup

Curren$y Talks Weed Philosophy, Delivers <i>Covert Coup</i>
Best known for his mellow rhymes about blunts and broads, it's fitting that Curren$y has chosen today (April 20) to drop his new Covert Coup mixtape. The collaborative EP with renowned smoker the Alchemist has come on 4/20, after all.

To get a bit more background on the EP and its 4/20 associations, Exclaim! got in touch with Curren$y, who recalled his first time chiefing.

"I was watching Martin Lawrence's You So Crazy with my ex-girlfriend and I thought I was watching Chris Rock do standup," Curren$y tells us. "That's how I was. And I remember thinking, 'I never want to not feel like this again.'"

The rapper then got considerably more philosophical about the herb's function. "The good thing about weed... yeah, you spend a gang of money on weed, but it pays you back. If it's for you, if weed's really your homey and you're always spending, weed will pay you back in the form of some idea. Depends if you spent a gang of money. That's my philosophy."

His idea? Weed does good things. "Because I love [weed] so much, it loves me back in turn. It bought me a fucking condo."

And weed also brought us Curren$y's collab with thug-rap impresario the Alchemist, which the rapper chalked up to a chemistry of scheduling. "If you can schedule your shit the way you want, then I can work with you. That's how me and Alchemist got [Covert Coup] knocked out."

You can download Covert Coup here and stream the release below.