Cullen Omori "In My Darkest Hour" (Chris Bell cover)

Cullen Omori 'In My Darkest Hour' (Chris Bell cover)
After serving up his New Misery debut earlier in the year, Chicago songsmith Cullen Omori has shown some love for the skills of Chris Bell with a new 4-track demo. He's just released a cover of the late Big Star founder's "In My Darkest Hour."

While the O.G. had a mid-'70s, country rock swing to it, this latest run-through plays a little trippier. Omori's version offers a tape-warped re-envisioning of the preciously strummed piece, while his vocals are done in lower tone than what Nancy Bryan affixed to the song some 40 years ago.

"Got bored and found my old cassette tape machine 4 track that I used when I was first writing songs as a teen," Omori explained in a statement. "Been playing this cover for a while now and thought it was time to capture it and put it out into the world. Hope you like it."

A fittingly soft cover version on which to ponder life, death, and the cosmos, you'll find Omori's "In My Darkest Hour" down below.