Cuddle Up with (500) Days of Summer, All About Steve and More in Exclaim!'s DVD Review Round-Up

Cuddle Up with <i>(500) Days of Summer</i>, <i>All About Steve</i> and More in Exclaim!'s DVD Review Round-Up
Even though the holidays have arrived, we at Exclaim! are still taking some time to tell you about several of the new DVD reviews. Find them all in our Recently Reviewed motion section.

To start off, we have (500) Days of Summer, a film by first time director Marc Webb, who constructs a non-linear tapestry of the extreme highs and lows in one man's search for true love. Following that, we have the Seth Green and Matthew Senreich creation Robot Chicken: Season Four, featuring the animated stop-motion series attacking every pop-culture reference you can think of such as G.I. Joe, Transformers, Smurfs, Star Wars and other childhood toys and cartoons of the '80s.

Next up, we have Star Trek, a revival of the power of past Star Trek films, featuring Leonard Nimoy's final performance as a time-travelling Mr. Spock exploring the Star Trek mythology. In All About Steve Sandra Bullock plays an unnerving and idiosyncratic character searching for love that turns into a cross-country chase.

Finally, in music DVDs, we have Diana Krall - Live In Rio, a two-disc set featuring concert footage from Rio, Libson, Mardrid and the Toronto Becel Benefit Concert, as well as a special acoustic performance and interviews.

Find all of these and many more in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed motion section.