The CSC Funk Band

Things are Getting too Casual

BY David DacksPublished Aug 22, 2011

Most funk bands in the last ten years have striven for precision, as if aiming for the lightning-in-a-bottle-royalties that came to the Menahan Street Band when Jay-Z sampled them. But the CSC Funk Band just want to party and likely drink a lot. Tempos rise and fall, arrangements get pleasantly ragged and there are some minor key moments that are just sour (some nasty Chennai playing!), not sinister. The Village Voice referred to them as "Brooklyn's noise-punk scene's first funk band," which sums it all up nicely. "Caneca" holds things together long enough to qualify as a loose-limbed, original jam ― this feeling is present in the majority of tunes. However, even the misfires are never duds. "Last Song" is way overlong at ten minutes, but if you ever wondered what the Dirtbombs and Stereolab would sound like together, this is your answer. While other funk bands go through the motions of party starting, the CSC Funk Band sound like they would soak the party in beer instantly.
(Fat Beats)

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