Crystal Stilts

"Star Crawl" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Sep 4, 2013

Brooklyn psych revivalists Crystal Stilts' new LP may be called Nature Noir, but the album's hazy "Star Crawl" gets treated to a rainbow's worth of surreally coloured outdoors shots.

Crimson-hued bears? You got it. Lavender snails slithering their way across an iridescent, dew-dipped terrain? Absolutely. Multicoloured hooters? Yeah, the video's got a few of those too. Numerous landscape shots scroll by as well, presenting gorgeous tangerine skylines and other such unnatural wonders. The band stop by too, so keep your peepers peeled for some cameos.

You can check out the heavily filtered technicolour dream down below.

As previously reported, Nature Noir drops September 17 via Sacred Bones and will be supported by a North American tour, the dates of which you can see here.

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